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Intro to Pole


Students will be introduced to pole basics that are foundational for all movements and skills related to pole.


In Intro to Pole, students will learn basic tricks, foundational spins, invert progressions, and begin climbing. Students will also learn basic pole transitions.  An example of basic skills students will learn are as follows:


  • Step Arounds

  • Pirouette

  • Body Waves

Fireman Series

  • Fireman

  • Martini

  • Stag/Sundial/Corkscrew

Sit Variations

  • Crossed Knee & Crossed Ankle Sits

  • Pike Sit

  • Sit w/ Standard Grip

  • Sit w/ Elbow Grip

Hook Spins

  • Front Hook

  • Back Hook

  • Chair Spin Progressions

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