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Class Types

At Venus we offer various types of classes which cross levels

Lollipop Lyra 

Lollipop Lyra combines the skills of both lyra and pole dance. This apparatus is mostly found on stage poles where the top of the pole is replaced with a lyra head. Lollipop can be a very fun apparatus to explore and play around on regardless of any previous skill levels for pole or lyra.

Lyra (Aerial Hoop)

Lyra is also known as an aerial hoop, which is a hoop suspended from the ceiling and spins freely. Depending on the class level, students will learn spins, floats, sits, holds, drops, and various combinations and transitions. Lyra is very arm and shoulder intensive, so any students with arm or shoulder injuries should avoid these classes until they are fully healed. Once fully healed, students should spend several weeks in beginner lyra classes to rebuild strength and stability before progressing further.

Aerial Silk

Aerial silks uses a fabric in which aerial movements for acrobatic purposes. 


Exotic Flow brings together basic exotic moves with the fluidity of exotic choreo. Are you new to exotic? This class is perfect for you! Have you been doing exotic for a while and just wanna flow with it better? Stop on in and check it out! Every week we will explore new ways to move your body through various types of music!

Heels n more

Come to class ready to slide & glide on the floor, with kneepads, ready to explore your heels dynamic with shoes (or socks)! Some pole experience required; minimum 4 Intro classes. 

Chair Choreography

This class includes the classic/basic elements of dancing using a chair as your prop.  The class includes simple choreography with combined acrobatic tricks on the chair, floor work and sensual movement. 

Rise and Shine Conditioning

Wake up, work out, feel great, and get a head start on your weekend with pole fitness and conditioning. This upbeat class will awaken everything you need to cross off those pole moves you've been struggling with.

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