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Class Levels

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With an exciting lesson offering, every class and program is thoughtfully designed to meet your needs and areas of interest. Reach out to hear more about the variety of classes we offer and find the most suitable one for you.

Intro to Pole

Students will be introduced to pole basics that are foundational for all movements and skills related to pole. Intro to Pole, students will learn basic tricks, foundational spins, invert progressions, and begin climbing.

Level 1

Level One Pole, students will learn more beginner spins and tricks, various grip techniques, multiple ways to climb, and more in depth transitions.

Level 2

Level Two Pole, students will be conditioning various inversion tricks and transitions.

Level 3

Leve Three Pole, students will begin inverting aerially and learning the next level of pole moves.  Students will also begin longer more in depth combinations both climing and descending.

Level 4

Level Four Pole students will begin advanced moves that will challenge their strength and flexibility. Students will also be introduced to various drops and higher skill transitions during this course.

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